Meet our team

Advisory Board

Paul Baan

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Joris Verhelst

Member of the Advisory Board

Chris Johnson

Member of the Advisory Board

Executive Management

Rogaciano Rebelo

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Marloes Ras

Chief Commercial Officer

Daniel McArthur

Chief Financial Officer

Mathijs Ras

Executive Director, The Netherlands

Development & Operations Team

Gonçalo Sintra

Project Director - MadoquaPower2X

Majid Nemati

Director of Engineering

Inês Diogo

Director of Environment & Sustainability

Marcel Deurhof

Project Director – Offshore Energies

Carlos Alcobia

Project Lead Engineer

Luís Neto

Solar & Wind Development Manager

Momme Rickmers

Associate Project Manager

Stela Brito

Project Development Assistant

Raquel Oliveira

Finance & Administration Manager