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We are a Luso-Dutch project development company producing green chemicals and gases. Madoqua is focused on industrial transformation by developing Power-2-X technology based defossilization projects. Environmental sustainability is the core of our development mindset. We create, deliver and operate carbon neutral energy projects (CNEP) with a direct focus on scaling-up Power-2-X technologies to produce and sell hydrogen and hydrogen related derivatives such as green ammonia, green methanol and synthetic fuels.

Madoqua connects and collaborates with numerous developers, industrial experts, port infrastructure experts and investors from across the Netherlands and the wider EU economic area to develop strategic export-import value chain hubs with production roots in Portugal.

We operate from Sines (Portugal), Hattem (Netherlands) and Nairobi (Kenya). The development team has been working together since the establishment of Madoqua Ventures in 2016.



  1. Sustainable infrastructure development
  2. Energy transition and industrial transformation
  3. Project development fund raising
  4. Value chain development 
  5. Asset structuring and acquisition


  1. Energy - renewables and conventional
  2. Renewable chemicals and gases
  3. Industrial infrastructure
  4. Water and wastewater


Madoqua Ventures is developing and engineering projects focused on production of green hydrogen and H molecule value chain related energy carrier products. Our project development and commercial scale-up approach covers Green H2 along its entire value chain both upstream and downstream. Upstream H2 production and storage and downstream Power-to-X applications i.e., green ammonia, green methanol, dimethyl ether and other synthetic fuels.

It is our endeavour to scale-up commercially viable Power-2-X projects based on solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) technology as well as alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) technology depending on the project profile and positioning. We seek to integrate high temperature solid oxide-based H2O → H2 and H2O/CO2 → H2/CO co-electrolysis processes with green chemical production where possible.


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